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Our Products

HamBeens® 15 Bean Soup®

15 Bean Soup®


The original and most popular seasoned bean soup with N.K. Hurst's own ham flavor. It's very low in fat, high in fiber, and feeds an army for under $1.00 per serving. It's Kosher too!

Cajun 15 Bean Soup®


One of our most popular items, Cajun 15 Bean Soup® kicks up our original bean soup with a hit of Cajun spice. Try it with smoked sausage or some fresh shrimp!

Chili 15 Bean Soup®


Hurst's® original 15 Bean Soup, this time with a classic chili flavor. Try it at your next tailgate party and everyone will be asking for the recipe!

Chicken 15 Bean Soup®


15 Bean Soup with a savory Chicken flavor. Tastes great with whole chicken breasts or thighs!

Beef 15 Bean Soup®


Our traditional mix of beans, this time with a delicious savory beef flavor.

Vegetarian 15 Bean Soup®


Our 15 Bean varieties with a delicious blend of herbs and spices. A Veggie lovers dream!

Original HamBeens®

Baby Limas with Ham Flavor


Baby Lima Beans with Hurst's® Original Ham Flavor. Makes a great side dish!

Confetti Lentil Soupreme®


A blend of lentil varieties give this delicious soup a distinctive look to go along with an excellent flavor. Seasoning packet is Hurst's original Beef Flavor.

Great Northern Bean Soup


Traditional Great Northern bean soup with Hurst's® secret blend of herbs and spices.

Great Northerns with Ham Flavor


Great Northern beans with Hurst's® original ham flavor. This white bean is very versatile and works great in a variety of side dishes and soups.

Large Limas with Ham Flavor


Also known as Butter Beans, these are popular for their smooth, creamy taste and make great side dishes or soups.

Navy Bean Soup


A traditional style Navy Bean Soup with Hurst's® secret blend of herbs and spices. Works great for baked beans too!

Navy Beans with Ham Flavor


Traditional Navy Beans with Hurst's® Original Ham Flavor.

Pinto Beans with Ham Flavor


Pinto beans with N.K. Hurst's own original ham seasoning. This is one of our most popular and versatile side dish varieties.

Spanish-American Black Bean Soup®


Our quality seasonings enhance this traditional Latin soup. Add a little sour cream and serve over rice for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Slow Cooker HamBeens®

Slow Cooker Bacon & Beans


A mix of Pinto and Great Northern beans is paired with a delicious bacon flavored seasoning that the whole family will enjoy. The on bag recipe features several suggested "add-ins" that help you customize these slow cooker beans to your liking.

Slow Cooker Chili


This delicious mix of pinto, black, red and kidney beans is paired with a classic chili seasoning and designed especially for your slow cooker or crock pot. NEW ITEM for 2013!

Hurst's® HamPeas®

California Blackeye Peas with Ham Flavor


A New Years tradition that is delicious year round!

Green Split Peas with Ham Flavor


Traditional Green Split Pea soup with Hurst's® Original Ham Flavor.

Hurst's PastaBeens®

Pasta Fagioli (Pasta and Bean Soup)


Hurst's® take on an Italian classic. Tastes great with some spicy sausage, fresh basil and homemade garlic bread for a complete meal the whole family will enjoy!

Hurst's® Brand Beans

El Cantarito de Frijoles®


An authentic South of the Border pinto bean dish with Hurst's® special seasoning blend.

Garlic and Herb Lentils


A delicious blend of herbs and garlic make these lentils one of our favorite side dishes.

Hurst's® Brand Dry Beans


Along with our seasoned HamBeens® products, we also package a full line of unseasoned dry beans. Ask your grocer! Varieties include: Great Northern, Pinto, Navy, Baby Lima, Large Lima, Blackeye, Lt. Red Kidney, Cranberry, Small Red, Yelloweye, Lentil, Garbanzo, Black Bean, Green Split Pea, Yellow Split Pea, Small White, Pink

Hurst Bean Buddies

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